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Corporate Interiors

ABC Associates has designed, planned and built corporate interiors centered around the needs of the employees and clients alike. From office workspace to conference rooms, we understand the importance of a functional office environment. 

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Academic Institutions

Whether the needs of the project call for minor reconstruction, build-outs or major structural renovation, you can rely on our experts to get the job done on-time and within budget.

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Healthcare Facilities

With ABC Associates, you can expect that all work will be compliant and up to code. Our team’s knowledge and expertise of healthcare facility construction has placed us amongst the most trusted builder for medical offices and hospitals across Long Island and NYC.

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Food Services

 From high-end restaurants to local eateries, our designs are built around the flow in which a restaurant operates. We create an inviting environment by incorporating subtleties such as color and lighting into the appearance for the right ambiance from custom millwork to carpentry and all phases in between. 

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Retail Construction

From major retailers to local boutiques, a responsive, customer centric store layout is crucial to maximizing sales.  Our construction and remodeling designers experts are depended upon when it comes to profitable retail interiors.

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